• Ron Montgomery

Integrated Planning

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

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Too often, plans are developed in silos. The IT group creates IT plans, Marketing creates Marketing plans, and Operations develops their own plans. This results in predictable gaps between strategy and execution as well as poor coordination among those responsible for running the business. By contrast, integrated planning helps transform strategy from concept to action. The Scaled Agile Framework (www.scaledagileframework.com) is a great reference and provides tools and best practices. In a nutshell, integrated planning is based on the following principles.

1) Plans must be developed across multiple organizations

2) Planning should be scheduled on a fixed schedule multiple times during the year

3) Planners must include those who will do the work

4) Plans must adapt as new information becomes available

Integrated planning requires extensive preparation and excellent facilitation skills, so don't try to wing it. But if you want to ensure alignment between strategy and execution, it's worth the effort.

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