• Ron Montgomery

Support your bottleneck resources

Bottleneck resources are project team members who possess rare business or technical expertise. They are in high demand and typically support multiple projects simultaneously. They are assigned to solve some thorny issues with indeterminate completion dates. It is hard to predict when they will finish their current assignment and become available to work on the next one. Thus, they present a high risk for impeding the flow of project work. So, what can be done?

· Relieve them from non-project activities: committees, administrative tasks, and unnecessary meetings

· Review all projects competing for their attention and take steps to clear the bottlenecks: delay some project deliverables, temporarily move other deliverables to the backlog so they can properly focus their attention

· Pair them with another team member to effect knowledge transfer

Mitigating the risk of bottleneck resources doesn’t require an elaborate capacity planning model. You just need to know who they are and be vigilant in helping them apply their skills and expertise where it is most needed.

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