• Ron Montgomery

Top 10 Governance Fails

A 2014 study by the Standish Group (The Standish Group Report. 2014. Project Smart) reports that most projects fail to achieve their objectives (see the graph).

So, what were the reasons for the “challenged” projects included in the Standish Group study?

1. Lack of user input

2. Incomplete requirements and specifications

3. Changing requirements and specifications

4. Lack of executive support

5. Technology incompetence

6. Lack of resources

7. Unrealistic expectations

8. Unclear objectives

9. Unrealistic timeframes

10. New technology

These are governance failures, not project performance failures. Who would authorize a project for which “users” were not involved, there is no executive support, resources are unavailable and there is insufficient technology competence? These projects were challenged because of poor governance decision-making, and poor decision-making is far too common.

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