• Ron Montgomery

Who knew it could eat that much?

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

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Those who have implemented Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems are painfully aware of the fact that these systems consume a tremendous amount of data! These systems want data on strategic objectives, project financials, profile data on members of various teams and of course their time reporting. Unfortunately, the data exists in multiple sources and it does not map directly to the data structure of the PPM system. So, the unsuspecting PMO manager may spend the first 12-18 months post-deployment acquiring and cleansing data. It's critical to be aware of this need up front so that you can either 1) Set expectations for a minimalist approach to PPM data up front, or 2) Budget for a project analysts (or a team of them) whose job will be to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the PPM beast. My recommendation is #1 - put the fat cat on a restrictive diet. Focus on creating a single "source of truth" for key portfolio components and then fill in the details when (and if) needed.

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