• Ron Montgomery

Who owns this dog?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

We found this dog wandering through the neighborhood yesterday. We fed the dog, our neighbor found the owner and returned it, so this story had a happy ending. Unfortunately, I've seen some "dog" projects that didn't have happy endings.

These dogs managed to escape the fence (aka the governance process) and ended up on my desk. I made sure these dogs were fed while I searched for an owner. It was easy to find people to help because these dogs were so ugly that they were cute. But it was difficult to find anyone in the business to sponsor the project, provide subject matter experts to spend time on the project and thereby make effective use of the deliverables. Even if the deliverables were produced on time and on budget, they failed to add significant business value. Further, they diverted scarce resources from higher value projects. If you want to keep these dogs off your desk, you will need to patch your governance "fence."

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